Trainings, coachings and workshops for Business Communication

Trainings, coachings and workshops for Business Communication
Do you want to improve your team’s communication skills? Are you satisfied with your internal communication? Is your elevator pitch efficient?
I have trained Business Communication in universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and in business projects over 20 years. The field of Business Communication is wide. The purpose of Business Communication is naturally to support business by your personal and organizational communication skills. But first of all you should find your own way to communicate efficiently in business.
Below you find a few examples of business communication modules:

Improve your staff’s communication skills

  • How can I improve our business communication with our current resources?
  • How do I inspire my staff to communicate more efficiently?
  • Why would they like to get additional duties of communication?Update your management communication skills

What kind of communication skills supervisors need nowadays?

  • How can management improve and update their business communication skills?
  • How do you measure an impact of your communication skills?

Business Communication trends in 2015

  • How is Business communication changed in recent years and why?
  • What are the latest trends in Business communication and marketing?
  • How will changes affect on your ways of doing business?

Communication in Change projects

  • How do you allocate resources in your implementation project?
  • What should you communicate in each of the phases?
  • How can you support your business in the best way during the change project?

How to manage and implement the Communication project

  • How did you succeed in your recent communication project (e.g. in social media or intranet implementation)?
  • What kinds of methodologies do you use in the communication project?
  • How do you ensure that people really start to work as agreed?

Social media – a part of your corporate communication

  • What kind of social media solutions are there available for your purposes?
  • How is your company reflected in social media and why?
  • How can you support your business with social media solutions?

How social media changes your business communication

  • How has your business communication changed because of the social media?
  • Who is allowed to communicate about your business?
  • How do you motivate your staff to tell about your business?