Change Management trainings, workshops and coachings

Do you know what change management means in practice for you? Are you aware, how to avoid the worst traps in your development projects?

I have trained and coached change management for years both for international and Finnish groups in different academies and business management & project teams in implementation projects.

Workshops are the most useful because then you work for your current project. I will tell you useful ‘lessons learned tips’ in all my trainings, coachings and workhops.

Need chartings are always done before sessions. Based on the survey I’ll provide you an action plan proposal, how to proceed.

Below you find some examples of what kind of modules you could include in your training, coaching or workshop sessions.


(OCM=Organizational Change Management)

What is Organizational Change Management

  • What are typical changes in business?
  • What is Change Management?
  • What kinds of phases are needed before people change their ways of working?

Latest trends of Change Management

  • What are the recent trends of Change Management?
  • What kind of tools do you need?

Change resistance and how you can prepare to further reactions

  • What kind of resistance you will face?
  • What kinds of methodologies are useful?
  • What can you do in practice to succeed?

Choosing intelligent change strategy

  • What should you know to choose a right strategy?
  • What is your current position and why you should change a direction of the business?
  • What are you required to do?

Excellent Change Management Expert

  • What should you do by yourself?
  • What are the requirements of a professional OCM expert?
  • What kind of additional support is needed?
  • How can I recognize, if I need external support?

How to avoid risks of ICT-/Change Project to be realized

  • How to find out the risks?
  • The biggest risk – people, technology, environment?
  • What are the most probable risks to you and your business?

Successful change

  • What kind of models and methodologies can you utilize?
  • How to choose a right model for you?
  • Why do I need a model for Change Management?

Organizational Change Management in practice

  • What kinds of activities should you do in practice?
  • Do you have enough time to do all of those activities?
  • How do you ensure that the change is permanent?

Resource allocation in change

  • How do you allocate your resources?
  • How do you get additional resources quickly if needed?
  • Who is leading the change implementation?
  • How do you ensure the stability of change?

Communication in Change Projects

  • Why do you need communication in the project?
  • What kind of communication is efficient in the change?
  • What kind of options do you have?

Measure the change progression

  • What kinds of measurements are useful?
  • How can you utilize social media and gamification by measuring results of the change?
  • How and where do you get support by measuring results?

Minimize disruption for business

  • Cutover and go-live activities
    • What kind of change communication do you need during the cutover phase?
    • What are the biggest risks during the cutover phase?
    • What are the best practices during the cutover?